Name: "Muddy Creek's Johnny Be Good"
Responds to "Johnny" or nickname "Tug"
2 year old male Newfoundland
Has a microchip
Has a very small cataract
He is black with white feet and a white chest

Update: the search continues. Please keep praying for Johnny's return and most of all - please keep looking We have NOT given up hope that Johnny will be back home soon!!!! Keep looking please!! Our sincere thanks to all that continue to search for our boy and pray for his return.

Update: A woman phoned who is quite certain she saw Johnny with a man in the elevator of her building at 1212 South Michigan Ave. When she inquired about the dog the man was very evasive and said it was his brothers dog. He got out on the 6th floor of her building. We have sent investigators down to interview her and see what can be found out. The woman has agreed to call us if she spots the man again.

Update: Someone called from Lake Bluff saying there was a huge Newfie with a white chest and four white paws being walked on Greenbay Road two blocks north or south of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff border.

Update: On January 18th, we received a call from a high school student who lives by an elementary school on Hudson, one block south of North Ave. She thinks she saw Johnny being walked by a known man in the neighborhood. Supposedly this man is still in the area although no one knows specifically where, and may be ready to turn over Johnny to us. We have heard nothing solid for a week and our efforts to find this person or where he is living has been unsuccessful. The Chicago police did a door-to-door canvas of all the apartment buildings in the area.

Update: Johnny was spotted on December 14th in the back seat of a car being driven by a 20 something man along with two younger youths. They stopped at Wallace's Catfish Corner on the corner of Madison and California and tried to sell Johnny to the owner, Wallace Davis, a former Chicago Alderman. He then saw the WGN special that ran and called us. He has been looking for the kids and dog ever since but has not been able to locate them. (We have heavily canvased, posted, and searched in this area.)

Update: the search continues. Please keep praying for Johnny's return and most of all - please keep looking ... More search efforts will take place in a couple days ...

Update: MURPHY the search dog and his owner Bonnie Hale are in from St. Louis. We started out at the Franklin St. address where Johnny escaped from. We canvassed the area with Murphy taking the lead. Without Bonnie knowing the route that was identified on last Fri. as Johnny's path, Murphy took us back to the same locations three times today. They are NOT in the best of locations but we delivered, posted, flyers and stopped all walkers and handed out more. We stood on street corners and there will be more T.V. coverage tonight.

Anyone and everyone that can help... We will be forever grateful!

Pictures from Search Efforts

He is wearing a small brown nylon collar that is difficult if not impossible to see under his coat, needs to be felt with fingers. There are no tags on the collar.

He is newly adopted and has been living in Chicago in the West Lakeview neighborhood.

He was lost from the 900 N. Block of Franklin Ave, in Chicago IL 60610, this is the "River North" neighborhood at 11:45 am on Fri. December 7th. He was last seen headed West on Chicago Avenue near the Chicago River.

Since the 7th apparently credible sightings have been reported of him near the Merchandise Mart, around 300 N. Wells Street, as well as the area around the dog park at Grand Ave. and Orleans.

Johnny is exceptionally friendly, he loves people and other dogs. He will approach you, particularly if you crouch down somewhat to his level.

We are heartbroken at the loss of our family member. He is loved and cherished by our famly. We are offering a $5,000 reward for his safe return, ABSOLUTELY no questions asked!! Just help bring him home safe to the family that loves him.

If you see Johnny please attempt to restrain him, he will not bite, while contacting us at (773) 841-4242 or (773) 251-2521. If you prefer not to contact us for pickup please return him to any shelter or police station in the Chicagoland area where his chip can be scanned for return to us.

We know he is scared, frightened and confused and unfamiliar with the sounds and sights of a large city.

Thank you for helping us bring our boy home!!!

Contact us with any information.

(773) 841-4242 or (773) 251-2521